What Kind Of Silver Should I Buy?

by Silver Advocate

In times of crisis precious metals can protect your wealth, which poses the questions what kind of silver should I buy?


GoldSilver.comWhilst owning gold has proven to protect wealth it is silver vs gold that offers the most opportunity. Silver is undervalued owing to market manipulation, paper markets and people not realising the true story about physical silver.

Demand for the white metal is depleting already low reserves so people are buying silver coins. With questions like how to buy silver and what type of silver should I buy we will look at the pitfalls. And the options we are faced with when thinking what kind of silver should I buy?

Physical SilverĀ 

Avoid stock market instruments that aren’t backed by physical metals. Exchange Traded Fund‘s such as SLV and GLD for gold may be an excellent speculation tool but be warned paper traded ETF’s are leveraged by 50 or even 100 times. Some institutions are rumoured to be short the actual metal.

For this reason it is essential that potential investors consider whether to buy silver bars or buy silver rounds. Items that you can hold in your hand, or have stored in segregated vault storage.

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Silver Coins

Keep in mind silver coins are available in different sizes and weights, which obviously affects the price. Choices include Austrian Philharmonics, American Silver Eagles, and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf to name a few. Each of these consists of .999 fine silver unlike junk silver coins. Many investors are likely to stick with the recognised mint coins although they do carry a premium compared to unmarked silver ounces.

Silver Bars

Buyers can also grab 10oz or Johnson Matthey 100 Oz Silver Bar, which are also .999 fine silver. This provides a means to store value and is often a more cost effective purchase. Buying in bulk so to speak frequently attracts lower premium offering investors more silver per dollar (or any other currency).

Collectors Coins (Numismatics)

Don’t be fooled into buying numismatics because the value applied to these collector coins is almost always excessive. Remember the aim is buy silver nearest spot price, so avoid paying inflated prices. The reasons for the inflated price include rarity, the history of the item and age. Top tip for the question what kind of silver should I buyis to leave numismatics to the experts.

Learn An Exit Strategy And Take Action

In today’s uncertain economy with crisis looming there is a silver lining and it shines on physical silver and gold. But the bull market won’t last forever so always know how and when to sell your silver. To Learn About Your Exit Strategy CLICK HERE

Don’t worry there’s still time; the TRUE reality behind the above ground availability, industrial and investment demand has not reached the masses YET.

When it does physical gold and silver prices will be a long way off where we are today – Make sure you are prepared!

I hope this has helped address the question “what kind of silver should I buy?”

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J November 21, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are .9999 not .999 fine silver.


Silver Advocate November 21, 2011 at 5:10 pm

Hi J

You are correct of course- Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are .9999

Thanks for your comment….


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