The Best Way To Buy Silver

Most experts agree that buying physical bullion and taking delivery is the best way to buy silver especially when starting out. The 1st step in precious metals allocation is buying physical bullion. And since we have highlighted the benefits of utilising a digital solution it would be prudent to cover buying silver bullion for delivery (best way to buy silver). As discussed if you haven’t yet bought silver online people mistakenly think it can be confusing and a little daunting, so we take a look what many authorities believe to be the best way to buy silver bullion?

Best Way To Buy Silver

Best Way To Buy Silver – Official Site.

In today’s information world there’s no shortage of advice but figuring out what is the best way to buy silver and who is to be trusted is another thing. For 99% of the people on the planet the idea of buying silver and taking delivery of the physical stuff is a pretty foreign idea. In fact in the western world the whole the concept of owning precious metals is quite different to that of those living in the East. The Chinese and the people of India have long held precious metals in high esteem.

For today’s western society, taking out a loan to buy non assets such as cars or expensive jewellery is common place. In fact most of us have already experienced the often complicated process of buying a home. However for those new to precious metals, the whole process, including finding the best way to buy silver and a trusted bullion company, can seem unnerving. This is no thanks to all of the dishonesty we have seen unfold in the financial world.

With trust in the world’s financial banking system at an all time low finding the best way to buy silver from a company you can trust is critical. So here you will find why I believe this company is best way to buy silver and stands head and shoulders above the others making doing business with them the best way to buy silver (hint: it’s more than just offering great service)


In the eye-opening precious metals movie “Why Gold and Silver” featuring Mike Maloney there is a scene in the movie when Robert Kiyosaki says “Silver is the best opportunity I have ever seen”. This single sentence really inspired me to delve into the fundamentals of silver and the search for the best way to buy silver. On you will find a collection of comments and opinions from world-renowned experts which I trust will also help you to find answers to the best way to buy silver.

I was first exposed to silver and the opportunity they represent by a guy by the name of Mike Dillard from the ElevationGroup. Mike has an exceptional program dedicated to highlighting the flaws and possibilities that lay before a prudent investor in current economic times. I will be addressing this in my next article.

Those seeking answers and guidance in order to educate themselves will not be disappointed.

Suffice to say the expert and authority Dillard refers to is none other than Mike Maloney from Mike is the precious metals expert who wrote the best-selling book on precious metals “Rich Dad’s Advisors: Guide to Investing In Gold and Silver: Protect Your Financial Future”.

This outstanding book was a shock to my system because it reveals the true story about the relationship between man and money and exposing the best way to buy silver. The currencies we use today are literally eroding our wealth. I will presume from this point that you have arrived on this page because you too have learned that there are few safe-havens left and are looking for the best way to buy silver. No doubt you feel you should protect yourself from possible debt collapse and even prosper in the years to come.

So with this in mind I have prepared this article to:

1. Shed some light on where the savvy investor goes.

2. Cover some of the challenges we face when “getting into” precious metal

3. What to do to avoid the possible pitfalls designed to catch us out.

4. Introduce you to the best way to buy Silver and other precious metals.

From here on we will discuss some of the options to investing in and buying silver…

Best Way To Buy Silver – Avoid Risky Paper Silver (ETFs)

Even though we have seen so many financial and trading institutions go back on their word, people continue to believe there are no options available but to continue to doing business with them. Major banks seem unable to manage risk and simply “appear” unable to run a tight and well run ship. As a result these major financial companies are under threat of collapse or indirectly need to be bailed out by people like us. People are still buying into the notion that their money is still safe even when backed only by paper and a flawed banking system. These places are NOT the best way to buy silver!

What I am referring to is the risk of buying an instrument that is not FULLY backed by tangible assets such as certificates, pool accounts and ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). ETF’s are NOT the best way to buy silver.

Nearly all silver ETFs fail to allow you to redeem or take physical delivery of the silver holding. If redemption is requested often the requirements are far too onerous for the man on the street. Silver ETF’s are designed to deduct expenses and fees. With some ETF’s, institutions reputed to have charged storage fees even when the supposed asset did not exist ultimately reducing your paper holding and investment over time. Again ETF’s are NOT the best way to buy silver

Doesn’t it seem odd to continue to believe that an “investment” is safe even when highly leveraged, may have been sold multiple times or even does not exist?

 Here’s What Mike Maloney Says About ETF Manipulation

You may be able to profit in the short-term using these kind of investment vehicles but it would be prudent to ensure you can take delivery of your precious metals quickly before the “you-know-what” hits the proverbial fan. And you need to be absolutely 100% certain you are several steps ahead of the masses. Simply put I don’t believe this is the best way to buy silver nor should it be part of any investment strategy in today’s uncertain financial environment.

If you cannot physically account for all your silver then the reality is you don’t own it!

Best Way To Buy Silver – Official Site.

Best Way To Buy Silver – Segregation and Full Allocation

One of the key ingredient to identifying the best way to buy silver is to ensure that the bullion is fully allocated to you in segregated storage and insured. You see if this is not the case then if multiple investors were to lay claim and request delivery at one time then you may discover that the bullion is not available any more or did not even exist.

As we discussed in the section about ETF’s many investment options may only be a promise to deliver at some future point in time. And if you were to read the small print you would find that claims are at the discretion of the institutions and payable in cash. The fact remains if there is any counter-party risk then you may end up with nothing but currency which defeats the point of buying the supposed under-lying asset.

At you will find segregated vault storage with a secure 3rd party. One of the things that makes GoldSilver the best way to buy silver is that they clearly list any and all costs – so there are no surprises. In fact are at great pains to ensure your original physical holding never decreases whilst in storage. As such they charge storage in fiat dollars helping to maintain your safe haven.

Bullion assets stand apart from the fractional reserve banking model which currently stands at a cross roads of another crisis and thus taking delivery of physical silver is the best way to buy silver.

Here is part of the definition from Wikipedia for Fractional Reserve Banking

“Fractional-reserve banking is a form of banking where banks maintain reserves (of cash and coin or deposits at the central bank) that are only a fraction of the customer’s deposits. Funds deposited into a bank are mostly lent out, and a bank keeps only a fraction (called the reserve ratio) of the quantity of deposits as reserves. Some of the funds lent out are subsequently deposited with another bank, increasing deposits at that second bank and allowing further lending…”

When searching out the best way to buy silver ensure they offer segregated 3rd party storage so your bullion assets are held apart from the fractional reserve system. This is essential because as you will no doubt agree it’s uncertain which part of the system may fail us next? What we can be almost 100% certain of is that there will be more losses and upsets within the financial system.

Best Way To Buy Silver – What Are The Rich Doing

Otherwise known as Tactical Asset Allocation investors are often advised to hold a certain percentage of their wealth in tangible assets. In this case we are researching the best way to buy silver bullion. Some may consider this a method of insurance. In short we are taught to insure our house, car and other such goods and yet in many instances investment portfolios have no such protection.

As you may know throughout history physical gold and silver have proven to protect wealth whilst Fiat currencies go to zero. I am not a financial advisor but the common advice seems to be a basic 10% precious metals allocation of assets for the conservative. The more bullish might go for 20% or more. The rich might favour this kind of allocation when the markets are proven to be buoyant and bullish. However in times of extreme uncertainty in paper assets this number will be higher.

Mike Maloney of is reputed to be all in, that’s 100% invested in precious metals. His reason is simple, he believes that Silver offers the greatest opportunity as the world wrestles with massive currency inflation, debasement and the possibility of debt collapse.

The advice I can give is to seek out an informed investment advisor about the best way to buy silver. One who understands the true value of precious metals, to guide personally. And be sure to have a list of questions to make sure he’s on side and not just going to sell you products he has been programmed to. Ensure you investigate the best way to buy silver for your circumstances.

Best Way To Buy Silver – What Silver Bullion To Buy

Best Way To Buy Silver – Bullion Coins

If a hyper inflationary event was to occur an essential factor may well be having bullion coins that are easily identified and recognisable. The reason is in certain situations an investor could require their bullion to purchase day-to-day necessities. This means the difference between the ability to exchange your silver for goods or not. Which I think you might agree in certain circumstances, could be essential and makes taking action on the best way to buy silver.

The most widely known in this order are United States Silver Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf and the Austrian Philharmonic Silver. Interestingly the Maple Leaf are of the highest purity at with 99.99% (.9999) fine silver purity. Whilst Eagles and Philharmonics are .999 fine silver bullion. A .999 makes an excellent hedge against currency crisis and an excellent option as emergency coinage.

It is important that the product is easily recognisable wherever you are. So be sure to avoid purchasing products that are unknown. And therefore not liquid enough for easy exchange.

Best Way To Buy Silver – Bullion Bars

In order to get the best value for money you could also consider purchasing 10 Oz or 100 Oz Silver bars such as the Johnson Matthey, as they attract lower premiums than government backed coins and are a great way to store value. At you can arrange delivery of bullion bars of easily recognizable hallmarks.

The Truth About Investment Grade Silver Availability
David Morgan of

Best Way To Buy Silver – Overall Thoughts

As we have discussed there are some pitfalls and challenges when buying silver either for storage or delivery. It is prudent to choose a company you can trust. In this day and age it can be challenging to find the best way to buy silver, the right people and company to trust. However with I have found the information, guidance and service to be of a very high standard. Additionally people all over the world report an exceptional experience. Mike continues to educate and inform with his mission to ensure as many people as possible are armed with the knowledge about silver to make their own informed decision about the best way to buy silver.

And yes there are other bullion companies out there that might deserve a mention. But it’s because of GoldSilver’s commitment to educate and inform that spurred me to sharing this with you today.

You don’t have to take my word for it, remember I am not a financial advisor. Do your own due diligence and ensure you look out for opinions on both sides. Those who are invested in the banking system or mainstream media may well have a different agenda and not have your best interests in mind.

Keep in mind US and European debt is out of control. Entire countries are on the brink of bankruptcy and banking institutions are consistently reporting problems or collapsing.

If you believe taking delivery of your silver bullion is the best way to buy silver then it’s essential you take action before it is too late.

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